customs clearance


OLC Shipping Line Pvt. Ltd. provides complete domestic and global customs services.

Customs Broker: In-house Custom Broking Licence; State-of-the-Art Computerized Documents Services facilitate the clearance of inbound and outbound cargo at the facilities.

Handling and Understanding the process and the paperwork needed for customs clearance can be challenging, making the process itself confusing. To make the custom paperwork and clearance process simple and quick for you, we have industry specialists with more than 25 years of experience in handling customs clearance paperwork on our team who can help you with every step and procedure. You won’t ever experience a shipping delay due to documents if you have our industry specialists assisting you with customs clearance. We aim to make the best use of technology by reducing physical paperwork and promoting digital documents to save the environment and make the process quicker.

customs clearance

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It’s an OLC promise to respond to every query within 24 hours or less.

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