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OLC Shipping Line Pvt. Ltd.

Since its inception in 2004, OLC Shipping Line Pvt. Ltd. has grown from a small shipping service organization to one of the world’s most dynamic and respectable international NVOCCs.
We have multiple offices in India in major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Chennai. Our group efficiently manages 10,000 + and employees have more than 30+ people trained and knowledgeable enough to provide a solution for every logistics need of yours. Our robust network is spread across 80 countries, and an affiliated network of 500 agents is continuously growing to provide you with the best shipping services at competitive rates.


OLC Shipping Line Pvt. Ltd. has deep roots in the logistics industry. Our Managing Director Mrs. Bharti Chawla has been associated with the logistics industry since 1991. She founded her first company in 1995, named ONLINE CARGO.
In 2004, we took a major step to rename our company as OLC Shipping Line Pvt. Ltd. and brought back all the experienced professionals who were well-versed in the business activities.


We believe experience is the key to providing dependable and efficient services in the logistics and freight forwarding industry. Our workforce at OLC Shipping Line Pvt. Ltd. has a profound experience of 25 years, making them one of the best and knowledgeable teams in the industry. We actively focus on the sales and marketing domain to expand our footprints to new countries and increase the number of affiliated agents that will eventually help our customers get comprehensive logistics services around the world at the best prices and increase their revenue by lowering logistics costs.


Bharti Chawla Olc Shipping Managing Director.

Bharti Chawla

(Managing Director)

Our Managing Director Mrs. Bharti Chawla is a dynamic and visionary businesswoman. Her strong knowledge and deep interest in the logistics business have helped OLC to establish a reputable place in the logistics industry globally. She holds numerous international certifications related to the logistics industry and for social & environmental causes. Her work was recognized by: major channels like India Today.

Daksh Chawla olc Shipping Director.

Daksh Chawla


A younger, dynamic and charismatic director has been appointed to Daksh Chawla to bring fresh energy to the company.


At OLC Shipping Line Pvt. Ltd., we understand the importance of technology and how it can streamline business operations and make communications effective, especially in the freight forwarding industry. The reason we have enabled all our offices with advanced and intelligent mail systems & multi-users/EDI which simplifies our business activities on a day-to-day basis.
To give our customers an extraordinary experience when they choose us for logistics, we have also implemented a Cargo Tracking system that generates and shares pre-alerts and tracking reports that help you plan your business activities well in advance. It’s an OLC promise to respond to every query within 24 hours or less.

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