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Established in 2004, OLC has expanded from a small operation to one of the most active and reputable international NVOCC in the world. OLC Group has offices in INDIA (Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkotta & Chennai). We now employ more than 30 staffs and move/handle more than 10,000 containers worldwide annually. Our extensive network reaches 80 countries with over 500 affiliated and agents worldwide. As an international forwarder with a paid up capital of US$3,000,000, OLC has also filed bond/tariff/HBL in U.S.A/Brazil/China. In China, we also have a NVOCC bond with a cash deposit of around US$200,000.
Customs broker
Project Handling
Household Moving
Export Clearance
Moving to
Moving from

An Independent functional base guarantees that whenever our clients rely on us for such transactions, we react spontaneously.

Knowledge and skill tailored to suit your needs, instead of you adjusting to the services available.

And though our services are varied, you’ll encounter a similar approach to all of them.

It functions swiftly, so that vital business transactions are not held up.


We are uncompromising about our approach to freight forwarding services.

Competitive Analysis

A Clearing and Forwarding company that cannot meet the needs of its Clients has no business being in Clearing and Forwarding.

We promise that there will never be a Gap between the services offered and services rendered - To that we stand committed.

Whether its Textiles, Chemicals, Newsprint, Machinery, T.V. Tubes or Glass Shell. We deliver, and deliver on time.

Consider for instance, a case, of a Client who has an entire factory to be transported and shipped across the seven seas, then the
The Entire Shipping and Forwarding Package designed by us turns out to be not only the ideal method of transporting but in the end is also the most efficient and cost effective.

Our Infrastructure includes a lean, but expert team.

Right Infrastructure to handle any transaction from shipping to forwarding to clearing

Standards adopted are broad-based, offering every clearing and forwarding service; a client could possible under one roof.


That’s where our Company steps in, and offers SERVICES WITH CARE!

After all, it’s the accumulation of an Individual’s or a Company’s efforts over a period of time.

An assured results can be taken within minutes and acted upon swiftly and instantly.

The proximity of our corporate office to all the major docks of Mumbai, an efficient and dedicated term of professionals manning the core centers of our organization having access to modern management information systems, enables us to guide your containerful of dreams to the right destination, at the right price and more importantly on Time.


Our way of doing things has made our Company different………. then that’s exactly what we intended to be ‘DIFFERENT’

Our Agency undertakes to manage someone else’s property, the first objective should be to safeguard the same against all eventualities.


With good solid and sound Partners all over the world, we are able to handle all kind of sea freight shipments in an efficient and cost effective way. We can arrange sea transport for a few cartons up to complete charters and everything in between whether it is LCL, FCL, Conventional, Ro-Ro, hanging garments or refrigerated material.

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